New YZ 450f 05

Just got my first ever 4-stoke 11-05-04. Love it. I have always been a die heart 250 2 stroke man. So I know nothing about 4-stokes. If anyone knows any problems areas to keep a eye on please I need to know :cry:. I'm also looking for the best bars to buy for vibration. The vibration is not bad but I like the 1-1/8 bars & need some input on the the best one to keep the vibe down.

first thing to do is junk the stock will not hold up and your risk the thing breaking and putting a hole in your case!!!

Handlebars are difficult to recommend because they are like shoes.....everyone has their own preference.

Advice on the chain is spot-on. I took my new '05 450 out this last weekend and in about 2-3 hours of riding, the chain was as loose as a "ho on nickle nite." Factory sets the tensioners way out there, too. I am going with RG3 triple clamps, they are 4 post rubber mounts and the reviews are pretty good for helping with vibration. This year they come in colors and have a sweet blue. I'll know how it performs this weekend. DW

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