05' WR 450 end cap / insert

Just got my 05' and I uncorked the singer sewing machine, curious if anyone has any ideas for a new end cap or insert for the stock pipe, I also noticed I get an extemely red hot head pipe very quick. I also plan on doing the grey wire mod. Has anyone else done this and have you had to mess with jetting very much? Ca bike now in Arizona. Any other ideas????

Red head pipe is normal. Looks cool huh? :cry:

Roast some marshmellows!!!

I am going to use the stock pipe as a boat anchor. Replace with Pro Circuit Type 496. As far as the grey wire goes, locate the wire (it comes from the CDI box) and simply unclip the appropriate prong from the connector plug. It will slip right out with no need to actually "clip" it. Tape it off, stuff it down in the tubing it came from and forget about it. :cry:

Light your cigar!

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