Next Tuesday, Pittsfield, MA

9:am, Balance Rock Road parking lot.

Who's going?

sorry dude, I was really looking forward to it... I did say that I wanted to go, but I forgot about prior plans of a wedding(or should I say funeral) in New Orleans, I'm flying back on tuesday... so unfortunately I can't make it, and I'm really bummed about it, because I was really looking forward to getting out there with some other PIGS and tearing it up... I've had my bike for 2 yrs. and never have I run across another guy with a BRP!!! :cry: :cry: :lol: have fun though.... I'll be at a wedding I didn't want to goto in the first place!!!! :cry::lol::cry::lol::cry:

Have fun. At least it's in New Orleans. We will try to get the New England pig riders together in the spring. On a weekend instead of weekday, even.

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