04 450 fork seals


I went riding about 2 weeks ago and it was very muddy.

I cleaned the bike really well and put her away in the garage on the stand.

I just noticed that the fork legs seem to have an ever so slight coating of oil on them, from the dust wiper area down about 3 inches. It isn't a lot, and it is the same on both legs. It almost is the consistency of WD-40 or something similar.

Think its just in need of the business card (or film) trick to clean out the seals? The don't seem to really be "leaking" but just left a thin film all the way around the fork leg. Also, they aren't very old and are the original OEM seals.

How do I get the wipers down? I don't want to damage them.


After that order a set of sealsavers


Just remember unlike Seals Savers, synergy seals will back you up as a customer with a 90 day gaurantee.

Good Luck, Rob Browning

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