Edelbrock carb settings?

Can someone give me some approximate settings for an Edelbrock quicksilver carb on an uncorked XR650R for riding in the Dumont Dunes, CA

Specifacally what needle do I need to run and how many clicks. I'm currently jetted for about 7000' which ain't gonna work to good at Dumont.

TIA :cry:

its a very forgiving carb. most likely it will run fine at Dumont with whatever you have it at in Wyoming...there are lots of archived posts on this subject...and you can adjust it in 3-5 minutes or less once you are at the dunes just be holding the throttle open, and turning the red knob on the top of the carb left for lean and right for rich.

Go lean until it pops on hard de-accelleration. Then turn it one click right for rich. You are right on when it wont pop, pop, pop on decell.

Hmm :cry: from 7000' to about 2500'. I'm running the smaller (numerically) of the needles. I was thinking I'd change to the larger needle due to the drastic change in elevation. I'm currently jetted for 7000' and higher. What do you guys think should I change to the larger needle for Dumont?


I just got back from Dumont two weeks ago and have a 93XR600 with the Edelbrock and on the second day went up one needle size and got a boost on top with no effect on the bottom and mine is normaly jetted for 2500 ft. With that said I also burnt a head gasket probably from the day before.

Talked to Rob Barnum and he said use the #17 needle and 6 clicks from full rich.


I have another question which can stay under this Thread. When setting up a carb new, to set up the idle; How far open should the slide or valve open for cold starting. I know if the idle isn't set right to begin with it also won't start. The reason I am asking is I am now starting to have starting issues and keep thinking the idle is set too far one way or another. What else with this carb could make starting difficult?

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