1986 XL600R Purchase Questions

Hi Folks:

I am looking at a 1986 XL600R bike with 3200 miles on it. I spent some time out on the forum looking at posts regarding this model and recall the following characteristics:

1) 3rd gear drive train weakness-pops out of gear under hard acceleration

2) Flat spot on acceleration when you cob the throttle (don't cob the throttle)

3) Hard to start-especially for Newbies like me:)

This bike is box stock and cream puff-been in storage for about 10 years-current owner has done the work to make this bike run well: Starts, runs smooth, everything intact

Tires: New front and rear

Cosmetics: two small cosmetic scratches on left side plastic.

I will ride 50% "easy trail/forest service road and 50% short commute.

Price is $1700-is this ball park acceptable? :cry:

sounds like a great bike. the price is a little high except that if you paid the normal 12-1400 you would be innstantly puttin on tires and the like so that would be good deal if the condition merits the price.

oh yeah, I love my 600 for trails and also do some short commuting on it. they are great bikes, bullet proof, and not that hard to start once you get the routine down

That bike has the dual carbs, big time pain in the rear~!! The price is too high for a bike that old, I believe. It's a good looking bike, that year, with the red, white, and blue, and the gold rims.

I had that bike in the early 90's. Great bike! Had to do it all for one summer, trails, get to work, and street joy rides. I stole it from a guy for 1000.00. Sold it two +years later for 1400.00 to the first guy that looked at it. They are going up in price in my area, 1700.00 sounds close if it is real clean. I never had to do a thing to mine. I added a oil cooler along w/a few cosmetic things. I only wish it had a rear disk brk. If I still had (wish I did) I would try to put a 92 + xr 600 swing arm and disk on it. It will do just about as good as any current dual sport out there today. The color scheme is great too. Just my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for your feedback and information, this forum is the best! :cry:

Had two of them (83 & 85).great bikes ,never had a problem with 3rd gear.At about 22k miles my cam went,but i think i was running the oil too long.Enjoy ! :cry:

I just bought one about 2 months ago and paid 1250....Had 3400 miles and was in great shape....The only problem I have had with it was it was running too hot on long highway runs due to running too lean....I have installed a temp dip stick from XR's Only to monitor the temp...I am in the process of rejetting the carbs as soon as finances allow to see if I can get it to run cooler on long runs....Other than that the thing is a beast....I overheated it enough to burn the stator out twice and when we got it running again there were no signs of damage to the internals in the motor...It is bullet proof....Offer 1500 and if he says no give him 1700 and have a great time....

I sold one for a friend about a year ago on ebay. It was resonably clean, the engine had some paint missing. We wanted 1500 for it and someone in CO. bought it for 1900. He paid 300 bucks for it to be shipped from IN to CO. :cry:

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