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joker springs: frist ride impression

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i weight 150 w/ gear.

ride trials agresivly. jump less that 5' high.

i hade some old yamaha spring that fit in my forks b/f the

joker springs. they were better than stock but still bottomed bad. the back was stock.

i put the joker fork springs on first.

i have no 15 W oil so i used ATF. looked about like 15-20w

my left leg was leaking a bit so i poped out the dust seal to have a look. couldn't get the main out to clean or replace so i cleaned what i could and put the springs in. put the legs back on and went for a ride. Big help but could be a little stiffer.

so then i put the rear on with 3/4'' preload. it said it was a 425lb. it looked way bigger wire dia and tighter coils.

O, i also mesured betwean each coil and then X the wind.

fork springs was 63 x 3/32 rear was 6 x 1/2 i was making sure i wasn't getting any coil binding to limit my travel.

that was 3'' on teh back the rear shock is a 2'' stroke and

the fork was like 6.3 ish not close to the advertized 7''

but that is not including the bottom out bumper.

now i rode with both new strings in and didn't like it much.

i think the rear is to stiff. i am sitting back more to push intot he susspention to much. it just dosn't feel matched. i stand all the time so mabey if i was sitting more it would be better? lol 😢

anywy my ?tion is anyone know what a bbr or stack spring rate is so i know hwere to go from my 425 joker?

thanks alex

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I can't really answer your ? Sorry.

But just to comment I have Joker springs on my TTR. I haven't trail ridden it yet, but for mini mototard they work great compared to stock. I can take corners faster now before the chatter starts. I weigh 200lbs with gear. Wheelies and stoppies are alot easier also with the new springs.

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