I have an 99 WR 400, & yes i have searched the archives for info regarding the APJ mods. The problem is some of Taffy's old links no longer work (yeah I know old server). Does anybody have any pics they could post reg. the mod. Taffy refers to a ""Small block connector to fit over the rod" but I have no idea how or where I can get this connector. The parts guy will Laugh his arse off if I cannot even describe this part. Any help would be appreciated.


G'day, ive done the taffy mod on my bike it works great, ive also got the pics on my comp

ill post links if youd like

in australia a found the "wheel collar" to be a little wire connector from dick smith. once u see the pic youl know what it is and where to get one. most electronic shops would have em.




hope this helps :cry:

Any radio control hooby shop also has ring collars.

these are circular hoops of metal which fit over a shaft and have small allen scew which tihtens

against the shaft to hold the collar in place.

Thanks guys, The photos really helped. Is the .024 measured from the connector block to the brass hausing where the robber boot once attached ?

Thanks again

yep thats right, where the rod starts to go back in. if u take ur carb off and look in from the air intaje side u can see the duration of the squirt is much shorter. just make sure u seal up the hole where the rod goes in cause dirt and crap gets in, either use silicone or some other stuff. i would clean it out as well if i were u. take off the bottem plate and scrape out the dirt. better yet strip the whole carb and clean it., :cry: :cry:

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