xr600r front wheel on xr650r

Is it a straight up swap? Including rotor. I got a great deal on a xr600r front wheel and it looks the same.

Is there any tweaking involved?

What bikes use the same rear tire?

there is a very very very slight difference between the two wheels, but you can run it.

I installed the wheel, but there is a bit of play in them. Is that normal?

When I installed it, locked everything in. I put my hand on the wheel and shook it, and the wheel wiggles from side to side. Is this okay to run?

I think you need the spacer from the XR600 setup to make this work for you. Don't quote me on that though. I would think someone would know on this site so "To the Top" :cry:

Try to figure out where the play is coming from. Are the bearings the wrong inner diameter for the axle? Are the spacers the wrong width. Spacers wrong inner diameter???

I am not sure, but I thought I remembered the XR600 wheels fit, but you had to put in different wheel bearings. Let us know when you figure it out!!!

What are spacers? The yahoogroup xr650 list tells me I need the 600r spacers.

Where can I get them?

If the play isn't the spokes and it's not the bearings then your going to need different sized spacers or bushings. I had to turn my own down on a lathe for my motard wheels. Where does it look like the wiggle is coming from? How do the bearings feel?

What are spacers? And where can I get them?

The spacer on the disc side is slightly different.

Sotck 600 spacer has a little groove around the fatter part. The 650 one does not.

If you use the 600 wheel then use a 600 spacer.

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