Barnum Airbox Mod

I've seen a picture of Barnums ProShop airbox mod here on TT but when I went on their webpage it was nowhere to be found. I emailed them but I think they are all down in Baja. Has anyone seen and/ or used the Barnum airbox mod? Are there any other companied that make something similar? My old XR 650 really benefitted from having the side panel/ air box opened up and I'm betting the WR would also improve would this mod


The Barnums are good friends of mine. Their air box mod will definitely increase your horsepower. I think Rob is developing one for the WR450. They will be in CA until next Monday or Tuesday. Here are their phone #'s: 760.868.8097 or 760.985.7895.

Glad to help.


Here's a picture of it on a WR:

I have one on my bike. It really opens up the airflow to the carb. Make sure you're running filterskins. And I wouldn't recommend it for any locations that have water/rain. Great addition if you're in the desert.


Did you say Barney Airbox mod? Eh Barney, you like beef?

What's up Seabass? :cry:

It's about time you got a real bike!

Can't wait to get to the dez again.

Later Bro!

I have the Barnum's Air-box mod. I think it is a good product. Air is everything on these bikes. :cry: More you get into the motor the power you get. Be careful crossing water though! Water can get sucked up pretty quick. :cry:

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