2WD front tire

Just red a reprot about 2WD in Dirt Rider and I was asking myself: do you think the tire companies will have to develop whole new lines of front tires to accomodate 2WD dirt bikes.

What about a front paddle tire? :cry: :cry: :cry:

Maybe. But only 15% of the drive torque is transfered to the front under maximum rear wheel slippage. I think we will need to see a lot of 2WD bikes in the market before someone makes a special tire for it. :cry:

I would bet the factory team racing the 2wd will have a special front tire on it. Dunlop and others will be hurrying trying to get the contract for that one...they'll be years ahead of the other companies when 2wd's become more common.

does this 2wd thing mean that we are going to see a true nose wheelie? weve seen the nose wheelie with the brake, but some dude riding the front wheel down the parking lot would be priceless. :cry::cry:

I don't think it would be possible unless you had reverse.? :cry:

Or one of those handlebar baskets made for bicycles with about 1000kg sitting in it

There will be 2wd front tyre made because 2wd bikes will be the way of the future, how good will it being able to throw roost from both wheels.

I have no doubt that special tires will be made. It will make such a different in cornering and acceleration!

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