Wont start

Well my bike has sat almost a month,due to hunting season..

I had drained the gas and the carb and it sits inside my shop...

Went and put fresh gas in it and did my normal starting procedure and she wont fire,Had just adjusted the valves 53 miles before it sat,put a new sparkler in it today and still won't lite :cry:,has spark,getting fuel.

If anyone has any other ideas please throw them my way.. :cry:

I'd Make sure no critters built anything in air box (have seen dirt-dobbers, a rat nest, and even a snake in the airbox of our vehicles that had sat for a few months) Also when knowing it will sit I have drianed the fuel from the carb before sitting but once when went back to ride it the fuel float had frozen (or corroded) in place as well as some clogged jets. (a little carb cleaner disolved it all)

I don't know how long yours has been sitting but if its getting spark and fuel then it should start...so since you are getting spark I'd remove and check the carb.

I now leave fuel in the carb...and tank full...and if it sits long enough I'd drian just the bowl. That way the carb doesn't sit dry. haven't had a problem in a few years now.


Yeah, that was my next step today is to pull the bowl off the carb and check the slow jet :cry: :cry:

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