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GYT-R Chambered pipe

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They have not listed DB. Price for the tail section is 300. The header is 138. The silencer is carbon fiber, and the unit is supposed to save almost 3 lbs over the stock WR unit. It also has a removeable spark arrestor. Last years verson (not chambered)was not as good power wise, but they say the fit and finish is great.

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This is not a quite pipe but not as loud as most... this is a beautiful system.The workmanship is exelent, "billet" machined end caps,Carbon fiber canister and silent sport packing.Built for Yamaha by RAH industries a large areospace co. that manufactures for NASA, you know you will get a quality system. Well worth the price....


(Carbon fiber muffler with a stainless steel intermediate

pipe). Because last year's stock pipe was so hard to beat,

we resorted to NASCAR technology to develop this

system. By increasing pipe diameters from front to back

(stepped not tappered), we were able to gain 2 HP

throughout the powerband-LOW-MID-TOP, not just in

the mid range like last years design. (saves 1 lbs over

stock). Comes with removeable screen type U.S.F.S.

approved spark arrestor.

Fits '00-UP YZ426F/WR426F this pipe also is a good match for the WR 400.

GYT-5JG93-CF-SS $325.00

Here's a picture of it... http://www.yamahausa.com/access/01yz_accessories/images/500/01YZAC07-12-500.jpg

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Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh!

That is nice. I think a pipe is definatly in the works for me, but I dont know when. After tires and a IMS tank YZ seat combo I figure. I am not haveing any problem with noise or power on the WR stock pipe with baffel out, but it dose look heavy. That weight is up pretty high too. Carbon fiber is so trick.

Dose the header pipe have a heat shield or holes to mount the stock one????

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