Trailtech/Scott's/Billet guard

I want to put a trail tech on my 650 and I have a scotts damper on. IN the ad it says the trailtech uses the stock cable but my stock odometer doesnt work so I would prefer all new trail tech stuff so I know it will work good.

Also which billet protector is the one that works?

All I see on their website is KTM Yamaha and CRF...

Baja Designs has the billet alum. holder for the trailtech computer... I'm guessing your talking about a computer!!! which is why I'm wondering what you would need a cable for??? :cry: I have a trail tech comp. on my bike, and it is magnetic... no cables required! :cry:

check your bike again, you have a sensor cable running up from the front caliper along the brakeline.

I do have a cable...the stock odometer doesnt work so I figure somethings bad...


I have a Scott's Dampner and also a trailtech with a Baja designs billet protector. Works out great, check them out!


Kris ... i have the same setup on my 600 .. go with the mag kit that comes with the comp .. my unibit made it fit into the rotor perfect .. and it snap rings right in. got a sweet billet BD guard for 40 bones and my scotts is mounted normal. My buddy with a 650 like yours has his scotts reversed and his BD guard with 2 mounting holes bolts right to his upper triple clamp.

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