Lifespan of a XR650R clutch......?

Guys, I know the lifespan of a clutch has many variables but what would you guys consider an average life expectancy of our clutches based on normal wear and tear? 4k-5k? more ? less :cry:?

I got 1500 miles out of my first got abused but I took it all apart and EVERYTHING was in spec...I dont know why it sucked so bad and slipped all the time.

I added a steel plate and put new fibers and springs in and its an ANIMAL now...

I got 5000 out of my first one and it was still working great when I traded it in on a new one. The new one has less than 2000 miles on it and it is going bad already. Not sure why but it is covered under the extended warrantee so I should be ok. My honda shop feels it should not be going out. It was going bad before I installed the rekluse auto clutch cause it was way out of spec when I was setting the auto clutch up.

What kind of oil are you guys using with only a couple thousand and the clutch going bad? Just checking because I used up the last of my Honda oil and plan on using M1 15w50 and want to avoid sippage if possible.

My bikes a 2001 XR650R and I am still on the original clutch. The bike has been trashed offroad for 2 years and is now converted to Supermotard and gets wheelied everywhere on the clutch and still works as good as new. Change old regular and warm the bike before wuppin its *ss.

Is this thing on???

MMMmmmmm....Clutch. :cry:

I did a about a 265 mile ride(220 the day prior), at the end of the day, the clutch wasn't grabbing until I let the clutch completely out. Seemed to me that maybe the clutch was just hot, "tired" maybe. A couple days later, changed the oil, no problems. Anybody have any ideas? Have 500 miles coming up for LA B to V and don't want to be stranded. I only have about 3k on the bike, easy miles at that. :cry:

throw in the extra metal plate...will be done and over with.

My stock clutch lasted about 800 miles. I know, that's rediculous. However, upon inspection I had a cracked fiber plate. I don't know if that did it but my whole clutch basket and pressure plate were burned with oil. A dark brown tinge now resides on them. I must've severely overheated that clutch..? Anyone have a similar experience? I now have Xr's only HD springs and Barnett fibers and metals. Thing is damn grabby and squeeks on take off sometimes, especially on the street. I think I'm going to go with new springs and the stock honda plates this winter. The Barnetts seem way to grabby.

What extra metal plate? Who has this? Purpose?

Hey Tim, thanks for that. Good info. Sounds like my clutch is good to go, but this may help longevity. Thanks again.


:cry: No problem. It's a great site to bookmark. Guy has tons of info on there. You don't see enough technical support for our pigs from real world mags and shows. So it's nice to see the stuff directed at them on the web somewhere....

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