How heavy is a wr400.

Does any one know how heavy a wr400 is?Is it good for jumping?I really wanted a yz250f but found a good deal on a wr400f in my area.And how would it feel compared to my xr250?thanks in advance. :cry:

It won't compare to an xr 250. It will blow doors on an xr 250. My wr 400 is about 270 in its current form, loaded with gear, oil and fuel. probably about 255 dry. I would say about 15 lbs heavier than the xr 250. You aren't going to be doing tail whips and stuff with it but it can handle some pretty decent jumps in stock form especially if you are under 170.

I've done some MX on my 400 and it works OK with exception to flatsurface landings. Unless you have a lot of money to spend, you will not get the best of both worlds when it comes to suspension. You either deal with soft suspension on the MX track or a pogo stick in the woods. I would not suggest it (the 400), if all you are going to do is MX or jump. The occasional motocross or rough scrambles is good, hell I even did indoor once on mine, it's really all about the rider until you get to the upper levels of either discipline, (off-road or MX). Good Luck, it's awesome bike either way :cry:

It will out perform your xr250 in all ways, track or trail. I pretty much only ride woods but I've hit a mx track a few times on it. Flat landings get a little rough but it does alot better than my old DR350 did, which is similar to your xr. I've did some big jumps on mine and haven't had any bottoming problem and I'm a fat axx. 225lbs.

Tons more power everywhere and I don't think they feel too bad jumping. You just need to set the suspension stiffer. If you were looking at the YZ anyway, get a YZ exhaust, remove the lights and other stuff to take some weight off.

My WR426 weighed 268 lbs. wet without fuel so I'm seriously doubting the 270 lbs. wet with gas. Probably closer to 285 lbs.

They feel a lot heavier and larger than an XR250.

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