04 wr battery question

i just uncovered the bike from the summer sto-away and it the battery is dead. i am not sure how long it has been out of juice. any recommendations on charging or purchasing a new one.

its not 110 degrees anymore so its time to ride :cry:

kick it!!! i know this sounds archaic,but it should start... i don't even have a battery anymore and mine starts :cry: it should charge back in about an hour :cry:

Don't do what I did. I had a weak battery after no riding this summer so I let the dealer talk me into a new battery. $ 72.00. I also bought a battery tender Junior. I installed the Tender and brought the original battery back to life. I would like to return the new unused battery, but time will probably find use for the new one. Try the charger, easy to install @ $ 39.00. :cry:

Ditto Buy a Battery and Battery Tender! :cry:

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! The absolute worst thing to do is try to charge a completely dead battery with only the bike's charging system. NEVER ever do this, you are asking to replace a regulator at least if not the stator too. :cry: I replace about four or five charging systems every year for people who do this.....

well i must be blessed or sumthin' because i've done it several times on different bikes including my 04 and never had any bad results! i also had someone who owns a race shop in cali tell me my bike would not run without a battery? go figure! :cry:

Thanks for the advice. any recomendations on a battery charger

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