any one know of a place to get oversize tank?

does anybody know where to get an oversize tank for a 94 xr600r? would prefer the clear/opaque kind so i can keep an i eye on feul level. my rides typically last 8-10 hrs w/ only pee breaks so lotsa gas is a must. also lookin' for metal front disc gaurd. thanks :cry:

They come up on ebay quite often.

Al :cry:

I use a clarke gas tank for about $170.. Cheaper and better quality than IMS from what I have been told. Although, I have never had an IMS.

Anyway here is the link.. go to honda products and XR

I recommend the IMS 4.0 gal model ... top quality, and according to my local Honda dealer, it has better fit when istalling than the Clarke ... ??? ... I dunno for sure, but dealer been riding all over the world for 50 years, and he sells neither brand, so he has nothing to gain ... I imagine they are all good, though

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