Just bought an 04 wr450 and ...

Great info here! I am learning so much about this bike I bought!

Question:1) Why is my seat height so low? It should be 39.2" (for the 05) but my o4 WR450 measures to just 36" at the low curve of the seat. Is there that much adjustment in the rear spring?

2) I did not get an owners manual/service manual with the bike. Is there an on-line source for oil-change procedures etc?


Most likely needs new spring and shock rebuild. I went to a new Ohlins shock! It was worth every penny! :cry:

I've seen owners manuals (PDF on disc) for WR's on ebay for less than $5.00, but have'nt checked to see if they were for the '04 or not.


seat height on the yamahas is apparently measured at the highest point of the seat. if that helps.

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