1 1/8" Bar question

So, I finally got my Applied triple clamp and Renthal Fat Bar mounted... it looks great and looks much stronger. But where are you all putting your WR light switch after doing this mod? The wire is too short to reach the narrow part of the bar, and the switch hole is too small to fit around the fat part. It looks like boring it out to 1 1/8" will mess up the threads. Any suggestions??? :cry:

the 04's have no light switch(at least mine didn't) maybe you could just connect the wires so that its always on?

Okay.............. Call me stupid.......... I don't have a light switch :cry: Do I? :cry: 04' WR450

EDIT: We posted at the same time. LOL* :cry:

I have Pro Tapers and was able to get the light switch on the left side. It is on the angled part where the bar tappers down to the grip area.


About where the sticker ends in the picture above. I can't remember if I had to get a little slack by undoing a zip-tie or not.

I put my light switch on the tapering section, about 6-8" from the grip section......then I got a dashboard from Trail Tech, when I got the endurance speedo.

I just mounted mine on the mounting post for my hang guards. I have to slightly shim up the mounting post, but it is nice, snug, hidden and appears more convenient to flip on and if you are riding. Time will tell if this is a good spot, but I see no reason it shouldn't be.

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