VIN/ID numbers?

Hey all...I'm still not in town but thought I may try to get the paperwork to get my XR650R titled started by mail. The only question is I have to get the VIN number off the frame & a number off the engine. I'm going to call my brother to get it for me but I'm not sure where to tell him to find the numbers if they are hidden...can anyone describe the location for me so I can explain to him over the phone?

In thinking about it.

I know there is a VIN # on the neck of the frame behind the headlight I guess they still put it there but I'm not sure about for the engine I remember seeing it in passing?

Can anyone check for me...its a 2000 for what its worth!

Thank you!


I will double check when I get home, but I think the engine # is by the shifter.

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