04' VS 05'

Now that some of you have received your 05' WR450's I have a question for you. I'm wondering if the 05' side plate (left) will fit on a 04'? That way all of us with a 04' can put on a 05' and have the nice handle. If anyone out there can check and see that would help a lot of us out. Thanks! :cry:

I second the motion :cry:

Anyone???? :cry:

Bringing this back to the top for everyone to see. :cry::cry:

How about the 05 Muffler? Will if fit the 03 and 04 WR?

yeah I agree please post us of your findings.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as I know everything will cross over. I own a 03' YZ450, and everything is same, as my 05' WR except for a couple things. But as fas as left side number plate, and exhaust goes it will work on the 03' & 04' models.

Thanks DEZRCR for the info. It will definitely help me make a decision.

can any one give me the exact part number for it ....

Many thanks.....nice weekend to you all.....................

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