05' WRF 450 GYT-R insert?????

Does anyone know if Yamaha will offer the GYT-R muffler insert like they offered on the 03 &04's? With the new muffler design, I can't seem to find a dealer who has any answers......very frustrating!! :cry:

I do know that the new muffler style is still plugged up tight with that tiny hole so there's got to be some kind of help out there.

Also, does the 05' still come delivered with the throttle stopped half-way like the 03 & 04? and is if so, is it still the same simple fix to either grind down the screw or replace it with the YZ version?

And, (boy I'm full of questions!) is the gray wire mod still necessary on the 05'.

I apologize for asking what are probably already redundant questions on the board but I haven't had time to search and really could use some quick answers to these questions before I order,

Thanks in advance.

I have the 05' and Im going on the maiden voyage in the morning, yes it does still have the throttle stop, grey wire, and the singer sewing machine insert in the pipe. I am also curious about the insert myself. I don't have the money yet to drop on a Dr. D slip on.

I can also confirm the mods exist. The gray wire is in a six pin connection. The snorkle is easily removable from the pipe. It really doesn't make it much louder however, be prepared for backfiring popps without the snorkle. The carb needs adjusting at the very least. The standard fuel adjuster screw is capped off by a little metal cover that you'll have to carefully drill out or pull out with a 90 degree tip punch or dental tool. I'd recommend putting your orders in for a JD jetting kit and zip ty fuel screw for better tuning.

And most importantly .........Enjoy!!

According the MotorcycleUSA WR450 review (2005 WR450 Review) the noise level with the stock baffle in is 82db. When you uncork it it only raises the noise level to 96db (USFS noise limit.)

A GYT-R insert will not be needed for these bikes (you lucky dogs!) :cry:

I have a 2005 WR450 and I put a Pro Moto Billet insert into Exhaust. It is double the size of the orginal one and you use the screen from the orginal. Works great and changes the db to 92 which is well under the required level. I just bolts in with no problem. You might want to check it out its a cheap way to open up you exhaust and keep the forrest service happy

If anyone needs a Pro Moto Billet 05 insert, I have a brand new one still in the package for $50 delivered. Just send me a PM.


How do you pull the baffle out of the stck pipe. My buddy just picked up the 05 and is having a hell of a time getting the thing out. HELP!!

Drill out the rivets and yank it out with pliers. Shouldn't take 10 minutes.

RIVETS????? No, no rivets. Just unscrew the hex nuts around the end cap, slip off the end cap and you will see four more hex nuts holding the snorkle in place. Just unscrew those and your done!

If you install the PMB insert make sure you wallow out the opening of your end cap with the snorkle before installing or it won't fit.

Mine had two rivets, which were subsequently drilled, and the pea shooter pulled out.

There seems to be some confusion on one of the terms used in the free mods.

When someone refers to removing the "snorkel" (in the FAQ), they are referring to removing the airbox intake snorkel, which is a sound baffle.

This is the first year that the WR has had a truly removeable stinger.

Now... once you remove your "snorkel" (stinger), how do you retain the spark arrestor, and how loud is it?

References to the WR being at 96db with the restrictor removed are referring to the restrictor being drilled out and removed with the stinger left in place.

jokenring is correct. One rivet on either side. Use needle nose plyers to pull the insert out and you're good to go! It does tend to pop though on deceleration. I just did all the other mods yesterday and what a difference!


I removed the entire exhaust insert leaving just the Spark Arrestor. (edit.... Spark Arrester can be retained by reinstalling the 4 bolts that hold the exhaust insert). While I did end up removing the pea shooter from the insert I have not reinstalled it as of yet. My exhaust is quieter than a friends white bros e2 pipe who is currently running the silencer/spark arrester cap.

Stock '05 WR450 has a little black baffle inside the snorkel. Look up the tailpipe of a stock bike you will see it. To remove the baffle, you do have to remove 2 rivets from the snorkel. Alternatively, you can just remove the whole snorkel attached with 4 hex screws also holding on the spark arrester and leave the spark arrester there. That's what I did. WORLD of difference. :)

FOR NEWBIES: The Snorkel looks like 2 pipes about 1/2'' in diameter butted up against each other. One way goes into the spark arrester, the other out the end of the pipe (aka "the can"). The spark arrester is a cylindrical screen inside the pipe that you MUST leave in or you will inadvertently commit arson. :D

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