Got my jet kit today, have question. "XR650R"

I got my jet kit, 68, a 165, 170, 175. Which one should I use. I also drilled out my exhaust, got my carb manifold/insulator and took out the air box snorkel. I am a approx 500-1000 above sea level I think. Toronto, Ontario. Riding temp usually 5-30 Celcius. That's 41-86F for you Americans.

I'm having fun...


Start with the 170.

That is what I used at the same alt., but warmer temps.


Holy crap that response was fast. :cry:

Make sure your pilot is 68S not 68. Big difference. :cry:

Holy crap that response was fast. :cry:

Good, fast, reliable service, is the responsibility of all TT members. :cry:


What's the diff between 68 and 68s? Mine just says 68 on it but the add said this.

Product Description


2000 - 2003

Kit includes

#165 #170 #175 Main jets

#68s slow jet to OEM specs 99105-MBN0680


for this low price



You have the right one. :cry:

68s has smaller dispersion holes on the shaft. You could only tell the difference by holding it side-by-side with the normal 68.

I can almost tell by the picture you provided that it is the right one. :cry:

Love the avatar! :cry:

Holy Crap what happend to your bike? Is that what happens if you leave it parked on the street in New York? Good luck with the rejet. I'm right behind you getting to rejet my 03.


My bike is all apart so I can go through it, clean it, that sort of stuff.

Winter is almost here and I have big plans for it.

Bike is already road plated.

Here is a list of things I am getting.

1 Baja Designs dual sport kit.

2 Aluminum handlebars.

3 Excel/Haan 17" wheels

4 some sprokets, not sure which ones yet.

5 Speedometer, maybe trailtech

6 Maybe fork brace

7 Gaphics and seat cover

8 Motomaster street brake kit

I can't wait until it's all done. :cry:

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