xr650r burning oil

hi all ,

does anyone else's brp burn oil ?i have recently rebuilt the engine after blowing the big end ,it now has the carrillo rod and i'm still running a 12/1 high comp piston and hot cam ,also running the xr's only high rev kit and biggun race system ,the power is awesome and it was awesome before the bigend went,thats pobably what killed it. i have a re nikasiled barrel and i was wondering if it was slightly under tollerance causing it to burn a bit of oil,when i dynoed it the other day i noticed it puff a bit of white smoke after the dyno guy shut the throttle and whacked it open again .

my brp never burnt any oil until now and i am wondering if anyone can explain or give a few reasons for it loosing oil.

Out of curiosity over what time period and distance is it burning oil and how much are you having to add each time?

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