Scotts Steering Damper 'Under Bar Mount Kit'

Well, it sounds like Scotts is going to have the Under Bar Mount Kit available in January for the Yamaha bikes for around $550 with everything. I'm going to hold out for a couple months and go that route, it's just so clean to have it below the bars and not hanging out there on top of the bar clamp.

The low mount (fender) is probably available now and it will far surpass any bar mounted application high or low. Same price or even less.

Sounds like they've gotten a little pricier these days. I picked mine up for $426 one year ago with the low mount kit.

I put the link there for an overhead picture of my setup. I can't seem to post the picture again for some reason. I think I'll open a post and beg for information to get it right somehow.



NAFLASH, thanks for posting thepicture for me. Some people need all the help they can get.

Cannot be seen, but the link works. :cry:

Photobucket has worked pretty well for me.

I would prefer the SUB mount, the damper stays cleaner and is easier to adjust and looks much cooler than the big POS on the fender, JMO though.

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