After market pegs... Worth it??

I have never used anything but stock pegs on any of my bikes before but I noticed that many guys use them. Are they really worth it and can you tell a difference once you put them on? I'm looking for another goodie to add but I was wondering if they are worth the money. :cry:

I used to ride a BRP and after market pegs are one of the best mods you can do on a pig, Really help control the bike and makes it much more comfortable to ride long distances great investment

Hey Roll,

Yup, there worth it. I'm stuck somewhere between a size 13/14 boot, and any and all help in the footpeg area is worth the bucks. The only thing I had to do was adjust my brake lever hight to accommodate.

In the past, I allways resorted to fabricating my own "add on" notched peg loops.

Try the IMS setup, top notch ( pun intended )! :cry:

Ps, was at Cow last weekend, wearing my foul weather aloha shirt.... :cry: going during turkey folks gonna be about??


IMS Pro is the way to Go. :cry: :cry:

The stock ones will crumble and they are hard on your feet because they are small. The wider and stronger IMS Pro pegs are much more comfortable and they are tough. Don't try kickstarting your bike without your boots on. One slip and those bad boys will cut you up. Very, very sharp.

Thanks guys for the imput :cry: Got to love this place! IMS here I come. Tirebiter I would love to see what the foul weather aloha shirt looks like. One of a kind if nothing else :cry: We are still trying to decide if we are staying or going for Thanksgiving but it would be fun to hook up if we decide to stay around and not go south. I was hoping to go to Cow today but nobody would come out and play :cry:

IMS pro pegs are one of the best add ons you can do to any bike other then the KTMs which come with big pegs...

Yes they are worth their weight in haggis!! I have the XR's Only stainless pegs and they rock!

No kidding,

I have almost tried starting the pig with Teva's & shorts, when I was just working in the garage. I wisely chose not too. A buddy of mine tore up his leg so bad he required a trip to the hospital.

About the pegs: ABSOLUTELY. It made a big difference for me! Also, you probably know about the right footpeg problem on BRP's.

Make sure you take care of that problem too. My right footpeg bolts were HANDTIGHT. I retorqued them and put lock washers & thread locker on them. I also purchased Summers shim kit (need to installl it weekend).

While you are at it check the kick starter bolt too. This was also HANDTIGHT.


I use Fastway Lowboy pegs cause I'm 6'4". And then some BD risers and tall seat foam and the bike is much more comy for trail ridin

use the shim in the rear...drill the front bolt out to a 7/16 and get a 7/6 socket head cap screw that is 3.5 inches long and put a washer and lock nut on the back side. Put the shim on the rear bolt and use a m10 socket head cap screw with the washer...

The shim kit is a joke by itself with M10 bolts...waste of money! Put A big bolt in there and if you arent big it will be good...if you ride hard or are a big guy get the custom fabricated peg post so youre in double shear.

I have seen shim kits with stock bolts break on 140lb guys I race with...

I have seen stock bolts, no shim kit, 155lb rider, dual sport bike never ridden hard and hardly ever stood up on the bike and the peg bolts were bent when I pulled them out to put my peg mount on and drill out the frame...

I dunno about you but a broken peg or worse a broken leg on the trail is worth quite a bit more then the cost of a modified peg post!

I'm convinced to go not only with new pegs but to fix the right footped before it fixes me :cry: I would not want to have it snap off anytime let alone on the downside of a little air. That would be real bad. Now I will be paranoid until I get it fixed. Thanks guys for the feedback :cry:

I've got Thumper Racing Pegs on my XRL & IMS Pro Pegs on my WRF. I really like the razor sharp IMS teeth. Your feet feel like they're locked in. As already stated, one of the best (and easiest) upgrades for your bike.

Tiny pegs can give you big problems off-road. More $0.02.

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