No spark

:cry: Help. The pig has no spark, checked the kill switch, unplugged, not the problem, the stator is producing a read on the ohm meter. Does and can the coil go out? The CDI? Does anyone have the resistsance readings for the coil to know if the coil is bad.The cdi readings? can you check it to see if it the CDI is bad? I'm confused. :cry: :cry:

What year is it?

Have you checked the pulse generator to see if there are any shavings on it? This will cause the pulse to ground out and not reach the CDI.


I have not. Damn thing is in the shop.Tried everything. :cry:

The High Tension wire from the coil runs between the frame and fuel tank. This wire has been known to be worn down at a frame weld point and short to the frame. I have a piece of tubing split open and wrapped around the High Tension wire for protection at that weld point.

This is just a possibility since yours is an older bike.

Been thru this nightmare with mine.I wound up putting a new CDI in it.Fortunately in the world of CDI's,these are reasonably priced.Mine was 168 CAN.As long as you are sure of everything else it might be the answer.I had also deleted my sidestand switch and clutch switch to get rid of any other possibilities.Good luck.

Rotrod, was it just no spark that was your indicator. I have just entered into a problem. I got my bike working great, then dragged it 3 miles to a race and kicked it for an hour while the race went on without me. About every 10th kick it sounded like it was going to go but never did. Mine seems like it must have some spark. Someone suggested to me that it may be the CDI unit. Tearing bike apart this weekend.

Just found out it is the Stator new one coming tomorrow.Hopefully will be riding Sunday. :cry:

I had same problem with my 95' 650L. Sometimes it would fire and run and sometimes it would just crank with no spark. Come to find out it was the CDI. I changed out everything(or the shop said they did). I would try the CDI. Good luck and let us know how it turns out... :cry:

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