Washougal Nationals

Any Thumper Talkers going to Washougal? A buddy and I are going for all four days. We will hopefully meet up with a few Northwest Thumper Talkers while there.

Rick, I will be there for sat and sun. I am driving down from the Seattle area with a group of guys. We should meet someplace and have a Beer!!??? Oh yea they don't let you in with alcohol. We'll have some anyway!!!!!!



You can have all the beer you want if you bring it in a motorhome. I believe we'll be more than overstocked.

When is the Washougal National this year?



Racing starts Thursday July 26, with 80's 125 c/ 125 d and 250/open c / 250 open d.

Friday the 27th :


125 A / 125 B

250 open A/ 250 open B



Before the hill (12-24)

4 Stroke B/C

Saturday the 28th :

All 50's

All 60's

Women 12+ A/B/C

40+ A/B/C

4 stroke A

Sunday the 29th:


Rick, last year there was a search area at the gate and they looked everywhere... under the hood, on top of the spare tire. When is the last time you have been there? There is a no alcohol policy at Washogul for the nationals!!! They had a full dumpster of booze. We went with some friends that had a motorhome and they searched everywhere. and confiscated all of it. Maybe they don't search you if you go early like Thursday??? You have to hide it really well!!!!


It's been about five years since the last time I've been to Washougal. You used to be able to get into there without much problems, maybe some dumbass ruined it for the rest of us. They used to only look in your coolers and refridgerator, you could fill your cabinets to your hears content.Thanks for the warning, at least I'll be prepaired to dump it out.

rick, just be very creative in how you hide it. They look EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

We tied ours up in front of the wheel well and they didn't see it but we thought that the pillow case was going to rip for sure with two cases of beer in it. I't was pretty funny when we where on the side of the road trying to tie it up with shoe laces.

The partying got way out of hand and they banned all alcohol. I't was the first year last year I think.

Any Oregon thumpers going?

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