Yamaha Elsinore

wanted to see what this would look like. what do you think of the YZ Elsinore kit?


White is beautiful, monsieur. However, the graphics could be a bit more imaginative. I have all white ufo plastics and oneindustries waiting for installation this winter.

Honda actually made silver bikes called Elsinores back in the day.

Still looks pretty good though. Make the frame silver, aluminum, and just change the colors on the current graphics to navy and orange and you might have the 06.'

Joe :cry:

So the plastics are silver, not white? Where to find?

i think acerbis still sells silver. and yeah i was going for the same design on the honda elsinore, just yz style to irk the die hard honda fans. :cry: there was a pic in the last racerx of a honda crf450 elsinore, it looks sweet.

There is a picture of the Honda in the crf450 forum. It looks sweet.

i like the white, hate the blue. im running an all white yz with black and red accents. the frame is black now, but i want to paint it wine red like those white yfz quads. no blue.

whatever color yamaha goes with next will be cool. just dont want any more blue! :cry:

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