gear ratios and # of paddles for wr426 in sand?

I have a wr426 that I have never taken to the sand. I currently run 14-51 for the trails wich seems excellent for what I mostly do. I have an 8 paddle tire for it, but my question is should I run differnt gears? should I run a 10 paddle? :cry: If I use what I have am I going to be happy with my ratios? :cry: lack of power is not an issue at all. although, I have alot of trail armor and by the time I get my 250lb fat a$$ and all my gear on its a pretty heavy package riding around. any sand riders on wr's? all knowlagable feedback is very appriciated.

This season I did a fair amount of sand riding for the first time with my wr400 . I'm running 14/50 with an 8 paddle and that set up seems to work great. The big trick for me <thanks to feedback from TT> was to start out in second gear. First gear was just too low for good starts. I've been toying with the idea of going to a 15/48 setup but 14/50 was fine.

There are others here far more knowledgable that me but I figured I throw my 2 cents in.

I actually recommend a 13/50 setup. It kept the power to the wheel on the long climbs enough that I was keeping with (if not passing) a fairly mod'd KX250. It's all about keeping the engine in the horsepower range.....

I jus got back from Glamis CA last weekend. I run a 14/52 on trails & 14/50 in the sand. This gives 2nd gear starts, & keeps the bike in the powerband bwtn 2nd, 3rd & 4th gear. I'm pretty lame so I remove my dual sport kit, handguards & heavy skid plate & just run a sand plate plate instead. Any removed weight helps.

thanks guys :cry:

15/48 on a 426 works great in open dezert but will not pull 5th in sand. i have it on mine and 5th gear can not even be used, it just bogs down. 14/48 is what i use in the sand and its about all she can do. im considering going to 15/49 and leaving it at that if it will work in the sand but it will be hard.

any other wr duners?

I ran 14/50 with a 8 paddle tire and had no problems whatsoever.

I could climb anything I wanted too.

Only problem is it was my first time at the Dunes and i was pretty much afraid of the big stuff, although I went up and down test hill all day.

Here's a pic for you.


(Like the short whip? Broke 2ft. off it after taking a digger going over the top edge of a dune a little too fast. :cry: )

nice whip!!! :cry:

I have a wr400, run the stock gears with an 8 paddle, it will pull 5th, but not maintain rpm in a steep climb. I can pull wheelis in 2nd and 3rd, so I'm pretty happy with the stockers. 10 paddle is too much grip, I mostly see suped' cr500s with 10s. Also, stiffen up the suspension, makes for a better ride.

ok time for my 2 cents... i have been riding glamis for the past 3 years on my wr... if memory serves me right i just dropped one tooth in the front from stock so that would make it 13/51... made my duning experience a HELLUVA lot better... no sifting between 2nd 3rd to find the right gear 3rd was perfect... 4th gear pulls hard and 5th is wonderfull in the huge bowls..

i run a 8 blade turbo paddle 8psi in both front and rear and seems to be the perfect setup for my 270lb a$$

Now we gots to setup a day to all go riding wr style...

how much differece between a 14/50 and say a 13/51? every body tells me something different and I am not sure who's advice to take... :cry:

firez, just keep in mind that 1 tooth in the front is about equal to 3 in the rear. Thats for both going up and down. You make your major change up front then "fine tune" it if you have to on the rear sprocket.

THANKS GUYS :cry: I think I will take a couple of sprokets with me and toy around to see what is best for me.. I think I have my bike just about ready. had to rebuild magura hydraulic clutch system.. :cry: new piston for master, stainless steel line and new slave..definatly takes two people, and the special bleed kit ( and a six pack ) to bleed that dirty little bugger...

I know people are probbablly sick of seeing this thread :cry: but one more question.. I have a dual foam filter is this sufficent, or do I need a different kind of filter made for sand?

thanks again for everybodys input :cry:

I'm running the same gear ratio as you and I have a 8 paddle sand snake. I loved it in the sand! Nothing was to big to tame. The wr just ripped it up. I did find my RTT stabilizer made a big differance cutting through the chop.

Now we gots to setup a day to all go riding wr style...

that would be awsome :cry::cry:

Your filter will be fine. Just make you clean it up and use a good foam filter oil instead of just motor oil or something like that. The actual foam filter stuff tacks up real nice to catch all crap trying to jump in to your carb. I like Maxima's stuff, but thats just me.

the only drawback to going down in the front is YES you gain more tourque in the bottom but you loose top end speed... my buddys on ds650's outrun me without a problem when we are running 5th pinned... i used to be able to keep up w/ em with the stock gearing... but its not like we run 5th pinned very often in the dunes...

So when is everyone going to GLAMIS???

I will definatley make my way out there to ride...

Personally, I rode the crap outa my 426 at Sand Mtn. in Nevada (about 800 feet of gnarly sand dune) and found that my stock gearing worked very well. Forgive me, I am away from home and can't seem to remember what that was, 14-50, I think. I also had a Kenda "The Funk" 8 paddle on the rear. I will be going to a 10 paddle next, just wasn't enough dig for me on that 8. Other than that, use a greaseless chain lube and keep your tire pressure low (I am about 190) to about 8 psi front & rear. Check my pics out on my profile, they are mostly from Sand Mtn.

Just posted on another post. I run 14 48 and a 10 cup viper and my 450 will pull 5th in the flat. Other than that it's useless. But I don't need to go that fast anyway.

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