New bike.....smoking

Ok, I just got the '05 WR450 back together. Re-jetted and added a new pipe (Pro Circuit Type 496). The bike was torn down for a frame paint job and re lubricate all bearings etc. Anyway, it fired RIGHT UP! But I noticed a lot of smoke from the pipe while running. I shut it off and smoke billows from the exhaust like a chimney for several minutes after shut down. No internal motor work was done. Only an oil and filter change. The motor sat in a box for a week or so but the intake was taped off. I don't like this smoke. I ran the bike for an our or so before taking it apart. It did not smoke like this. Any of you wise TT types have any ideas?

Wot color was the smoke?

Actually its probably the pipe, must have a lot of oil in it from the factory! Run it for 10 or 15 minutes and see if it clears up.

Does it smell like burning engine oil?

Was the engine laying on it's side at any time, if it was the oil could have gotten to the top of the piston a little, or I would attribute the smoke from the new pipe. :cry:

well, if its blue smoke, you gotta problem. means the piston or rings or something is fried. if its just white smoke, it could be because of the cold outside, like when you breathe and you see a cloud of smoke....


All depends on what color the smoke and what it smells like. Blue/black/white??? Any distinguishing odors???

Just out of curiousity....why did you paint your new frame? Different shade of blue?

The smoke is grey. The motor had no oil in it while it sat. What bothers me is that it smokes heavily long after shut down. It wasn't all that cold out so I don't think it was the ambient temp. Plus I have a nasty cold and as hard as I tried I couldn't tell what it smelled like. I hope it is just the pipe, but I have put after markets on before and never had it smoke like this. Like I said before, I ran the bike for an hour or so before I took it apart and it didn't smoke. Only changes to the motor: New oil (20w 50 Maxima Premium w/ new filter) 172 pilot / 48 main. No more air box snorkel. Removed grey wire. Engine Ice coolant. Oh, and the pipe. It did run and sound good, no strange noises. I don't see how any internal parts could have fried just sitting there. Oh and I painted the frame silver. I put the yellow and black retro YZ plastics on it. They don't look good with the blue frame. It looks VERY nice and I will post pics soon. Thanks for all your suggestions (keep 'em coming :cry:) Mike

Hey Mike,

It's probably just burning off the oils in the new pipe. My bike did the same thing after I put mine on. Kind of a light grey whispy type. After the first day of riding, it quit.

Hope this helps ease your mind. :cry:

Ya, flip, I hope that's it. The bike has Yamacough pretty bad. Lot's of backfiring. More jetting work to come. It is still smoking just as bad after apx 30 min of running.

The "Hurricane Kit" must look awesome. Look forward to seeing pics.

Most pipes I've put on never smokes either. Unless of course, my jetting/tune was off. If you are getting gray (black)smoke that's usually fuel - too rich most likely. Check the plug and see.

You're carb specs were 172 main 48 pilot ??? What about needle and the rest??? JD kit? blue or red???

Sounds rich. Are you running it with the choke on?

Seems odd!!

it will most likely be the pipe as there is no reason for anything else to be smoking, thepipe will still smoke ater it is shutdown because it takes time or the pipe to cool down from its high temp. also check your oil levels, to much and it will be seeping into the cylinder. may also be soething in the oil pump (letting oil through when engine not running).

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