Weird smoking patterns..

Hey guys, each time I change my oil the bike smokes on startup for about 30 seconds, but does that for the first 2 or 3 startups. After that the bike is fine. I know the problem would be caused by the valve seals or maybe even guides? I just want to make sure nobody has this weird problem and if it is even normal? I havent noticed any loss of power and its not loosing oil. :cry:

I just dont want to go and replace everything then find out a bunch of peoples bikes do the same thing.

mine just started doing that,it runs fine im just going to keep an eye on it,just did a new cylinder ,piston,crank and such back in July lomng as it stops after a few seconds,may look into new seals this winter

That seems to be normal. That's what mine does and from what I have read is normal.


That makes me feel much better.

It takes very little oil to cause a lot of smoke so if you’re not noticing any oil loss I would not worry about it.


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