Decision-WR426 2002 VS 450 2004 ???

Envy and lust got me again. I finally asked THE question to my nearby dealer. "How much for that wr 450 2004 getting dusty in the basement ?"

And he replied $7190.00 cdn. For you cdn TT members, is this a VERY good price ?

Anyway that got me thinking :cry:. I started asking questions to myself.

How much could I sell my 426? Good shape, 5500 km, lots of addons: YZ seat and 3.4 Acerbis tank, rad guard, street legal, big skid plate, 1 wr stock seat/tank, 1 spare yz tank.

I still love my 02 very much. But if I look at the situation from a basic view. Meaning how much do I have to spend to prepare the bike for the next season VS the difference I have to pay for a brand new 04, plus the added incentive of lust and envy for a new machine... :cry:

Please MOM tell me!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Well, I recently bought a new 04 WR450F, then sold my 2001 WR426F. Nothing wrong with the 426, just wanted electric start. Love it, never looked back... :cry:

brand new bikes definetly put smiles on peoples faces :cry:

but the way I see it, if I was to trade my 01 wr426 for a for an 04 I would be down grading do to the amount of after market goodies that I have, all the way from the bark busters, clamp and fat bars, to the chain and sprokets, sharksfin, seat and tank.....ect... these are item that are fairly expensive and are item that sooner or later will probablly have to be replaced.. (you only get about 2 spills with a set of stock bars)... (stock chain and sprockets are a joke :cry: )on the other hand if you can afford all of these things or you dont have them on your other bike, or dont care to have them, than the electric start upgrade might be worth it to you... In conclusion my advice to you is measure your options carefully and dont just look at the price of the bike, but look at the cost to get the bike where you want it :cry:

There's a dealer in Subury that has a new 03 for $6500.00 + tax. It was real tempting, but I decided to stay with my 01. Too much time and $ invested getting it just right. Maybe next year if they get the aluminum frames.

You did not talk about one of the major factors that will come into play regarding that decision and it is the "wife" factor :cry::cry:

Seriously, the ergos and all other goodies are great but from my point of view, the one major improvement is the magic button and for my part, I find my 426 to be so easy to start that I'd prefer the 450 not to have the e start and weight a 5-10 pounds less :cry:

On the other hand, if you buy that 450, guess who's gonna be ringing at your door for a test ride? :cry::cry::lol::lol:

I was to trade my 01 wr426 for a for an 04 I would be down grading do to the amount of after market goodies that I have

This is exactly he way I feel after giving it some tough. I think my 02 will still put a smile on my face for this year. Unless that guy who sells strange orange bike with a weird name makes me an offer I can't refuse, time will tell.

Man is weak in front of fresh flesh...

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