2003 450F - Oil Change

Sorry for the idiot question....... my OM is at work.

How many liter's of oil is recommended for an oil change.

w/o filter-------

with filter change ---------

thanks Rick

it's been 15 months since my last oil change and I'm riding today for the first time since August 2003 :cry:

1.1 with oil filter , not sure without spec. I would assume about .2 less if it is like the other bikes.

Mine was 38oz. when changeing the filter! :cry:

15 months??? Wher you been? Inside? Can't imagine not riding for 15 months.... :cry:

1100 ml (1.1 L) with filter change and 1000 ml (1.0 L) w/o filter change.

I just do 1000ml with or without filter change. Just put in a liter and then check the dipstick. Add oil till your in the middle of the squigglies.

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