testing controversial parts

well after trying two2cool and finding that its not the snake oil as some skeptics were concerned it was,(it actually works quite well reducing the extra heat from the auto clutch)i've been researching the ICAT and i'm finding even more skeptisism about it. "oh its just a scam like the roost boost" is the most common reaction. now digging deeper to find people that have actually used it(our own brian wilson has one on his crf450!) i find nothing but praise,not really any more power but way easier starting hot and cold,less fuel consumption,and running better on the bottom end were the most common things said. well since my bike is now solely dependant on kicking to bring it to life i figured what the heck! should be here thurs. 18th. i think it may also help with an issue i've had with the bike just quiting on occasion while under load at low rpm. the clutch adj. and the jetting are spot on so it has to be electrical,also i'm waiting on a new flywheel(just came out,sorry 04 only) from chuck steahly that makes more juice and adds back 8 oz of fw weight(about how much i removed with the starter clutch drive)i'm thinkin maybe that after removing the battery, when the rpms drop it might not be making sufficient juice and also taking away that fw weight(starter clutch) may have lessened the motors ability to keep its momentum. so for all the fellow starter removers,i'll keep you posted on the subject :cry: :cry:

i put the icat on today,it was simple enough. and gotta tell ya this thing rocks!! way better throttle response,1 kick starting while hot(it has never ever started 1st kick hot) it even sounds better(louder sharper sound) i did need to richen the a/f a 1/2 turn other than that i might go up one on the main just see how it reacts,but i don't think its actually needed. i was a little worried(that it might be another roost boost) waiting for this thing but its worth every penny in my opinion! :cry: hey where did the little beer fellers go? :cry:

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