Is the Clymer manual a good one?

I Have a 05 XR 650 L. Thanks!

Have used both the Clymer and Haynes manuals for my XL500r and found the Clymer to be the next best thing to the Honda manual. Well laid out and coveres everything you will ever need.

I've found that Haynes manuals arent good for much, be it bikes or cars. I only use Clymers for bikes and the XL/XR 500-650L is pretty good.

The only thing I dont like about the Clymer manual is that the info thats specific to the 650L is all the way in the back as a supplement. So say your looking something up on the rear shock, you will have to look at the front part of the book, then look at the back for some specifics. Not really a problem but its kind of a pain.

The Clymer manual has worked well for me with my '97 XR650L.


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