600 or 650?


My 2000 XR 600 was stolen a few weeks ago...should I get another 600 or is the 15 extra kilos the 650 weighs worth the power increase?

How considerable is the power increase between and uncorked/jetted 600 and a stock 650? Any?

Are the motors bulletproof like the old air-cooled ones? Any problems associated with a water-cooled bike? Im not tall but managed the 600 ok...is the 650s extra weight noticable??

Thanx in advance....

The 650's weight will not be noticeable to you. The suspension and ergos are far better than the 600. The seat height might intimidate you at first, but after break-in she squats down a bit. The motor is bulletproof and will outlast the 600 due to the liquid cooling.

The 650R actually feels lighter (even though it's not), is more responsive to rider input and has considerably more power.

Go with the 650R! You won't regret it. :cry:

My brother has a 1996 XR600 and I have a 2002 XR650R. His seat is more comfortable but that's his only advantage. My 650 has MUCH more power and handles better. Go for the 650!!!!!

Yep as said above go for the 650, its just a whole new world of biking fun compared to the old 600.

From an advanced beginners point of view, I didn't notice much of a difference when I upgraded from a 600 to my 650.

I didn't notice any huge improvements in power or suspension over my 600. Again, I ride slow and conservatively which is likely why I don't notice the difference.

That being said, I have no regrets buying the 650 and it really looks nice in my garage. Every time I went riding on my xr600, I'd see someone on a 650 and say to myself,"I really want one of those". So I bought one. No regrets, it's a beautiful bike.

After getting it uncorked for California, it starts easy, idles perfect and the throttle response is crisp. It's fun on single tract and really nice out in the desert.

Also, if you get a 650, get a larger tank. I used to get 95 miles out of a tank of gas on my 600 but only 70 on my 650! I got a Clark 4.3(i think), that fits nice and feels fine when riding. After one ride, it feels like it's a stock tank.

Get the 650R and your buddies will be wanting to ride your new bike all the time. I had an XR600 for years and it is a great bike. I ran into a problem when my buddy bought the new 650 and I made the mistake a ridding it :cry: Had to have one after that and I'm glad I did. What has been stated above is true. Also dry weights are only about 7lbs difference between the two 271 600 and 277 for the 650

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