2000 TTR 225 & 2000 PW 80 4 SALE

The wife decided that riding is not for her, as my son is starting to out ride her. The TTR is in excellent condition, very low hours and religiously maintained. Rode very gingerly by my wife. I won't call her a little old lady and she never rode it to church.

My son has out growen his PW 80 which is in good condition. Good starter bike, three gears, no clutch. I have maintained this bike very well. I always change the air filters after every ride. I change the oil after every two rides or after a very muddy or dusty ride.

Can't say I will miss taking care of three bikes! They are in the Rochester, NY area, email me if you are interested.

i could be interested, my girlfriend has an interest, and my 5 yr old nephew is ready to go to two wheels, let me know $. :)

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