Did the 05 WR receive the AOSS forks???

True or False ??? Aoss forks for the 05WR

True. :cry:

Emailed the author @ motorcycle-usa to confirm AOSS forks on the 05 model, have not heard back from him.

do the caps look the same as the old ones on the aoss forks? because i looked at one at the dealer last night and there is no visable difference! still looks like rebound on top. and the yamaha web page just states "new 48 mm forks" not aoss you would think they might state that. they all come with the smog crap(not just cali) and the tanks are tiny! it feels funny compared to my 04 almost too low :cry:

The 05 WR's did not get the new forks. I own one.

Maybe next year with the aluminum frame and FI.

Maybe next year with the aluminum frame and FI.

If they announce FI for 2006, I'll be first in line again!! :cry:

you would think a mag review would get something like that right .wouldn't they get their info straight from yamaha.anyway I still like the forks on my 250f but I will trade for 06 if they have AOSS and AL frame but I wouldn't hold my breath for FI.

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