Rear shock adjustment on YZ450 bike

I just want to confirm about the adjustments of the rear suspension of an 04 YZ450 bike. Looking at the shock reservoir tank at the rear, there is a screw flat-blade style that clicks when turned. Is this screw for rebound damping? There is also a nut around this screw. Is this for compression damping? I have searched in the manual and it says nothing about which one to adjust. All it says how many clicks for adjustment at the last page of the manual. Last question is what is the standard set-up for the rear suspension, like how many clicks?

The small screwdriver slot on top is for "low speed" comp. damping. The 17mm nut around it is for "high speed" damping. Start the low speed at 6-10 clicks out and the high speed at 1 1/2 turns out.


when you say "out" it means clockwise rotation right? Also for controlling the rebound reaction of the rear tire as it leaves the face of the jump, is it considered "low speed rebound" or "high speed rebound"?

What doc means by "out" is the following:

Turn the adjuster clockwise ("in") until it stops. Don't force it, just turn it until it seats. Then back it "out" (counterclockwise) the indicated number of clicks or turns.

The slotted low-speed compression (LSC) adjuster will click.

The 17mm hex nut hi-speed compression (HSC) adjuster will not click.

The rebound adjuster is located at the bottom of the shock, under the swingarm, just above the shock connection point at the linkage.

It will operate in the same manner as the LSC adjuster.

The rebound damping adjustment is not broken into low and high speed circuits. It simply controls the speed at which the shock returns from its compressed state.

Hope it helps!


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