New grip install tricks

I got the new triple clamp, damper and bars on, went to put the new grips on and thought i'd ask if anyone had any proven methods to make this pain in the ass job any easier? I already know I need to add MORE BEER :cry:

I've found that compressed air blown between the bar/throttle tube & the grip will allow you to easily slide them on or off without damaging the grips. You can also use some sort of grip glue to ease the installation & help hold them in place. I've also had good luck with brake parts cleaner, a shot down the grip will let it slide on & when it evaporates it seems to leave the grip a bit tacky to help hold it in place.

There are many different ways to do this, we all have our favorite ways of doing it. My way is to open up a beer, pour grip glue or spray Super77 spray inside the grip and put in on as fast as you opened up your first beer. Allow to dry overnight. The next day put safety wire around the grips, it helps gripage and you'll look serious and cool all in the same. Make sure to clean out the throttle tube when your done, and use WD-40 to lube it, anything thicker will gum up the spring action.


Plain old hairspray works good too.

Couple of quick blasts of that, slide it on, and as it dries, it works like glue.

A couple of strands of safety wire is also a good plan.


I use Clear Coat paint.

OK, I couldn't slide the little ****ers on, so I figured it out. It was pretty cold the other night when trying to get em on. I'll try again tonight and I'll throw'em into the dryer for a few minutes first to get them softened up a bit. Then I'll crack my first beer get out the wd40, hairspray, super 77 glue and saftey wire. Might as well get out the astroglide while I'm at it :cry:

If you are trying to push them on then you are going to have problems and blisters. Try pulling the opening apart to stretch it over the bar end and then pull it while holding the open end off of the bar surface. This will let the grip slide on over what ever adheasive you use. Make sure you let your glue dry before applying the WD40. Hope this helps.


Might as well get out the astroglide while I'm at it :cry:

That usually comes after the 10th beer..... :cry:

That usually comes after the 10th beer..... :cry:

**** I remeber when it was fours beers. Dam tolerences I used to be a cheap date!!!

Ditto on the compressed air. It's ridiculously fast and easy.

Make sure the grips are warm, close to hot, pour grip glue in them and they will slide rigth on. I used to have a cold garage before getting this and used to have to use a heat gun, worked great....


Done, I must have been ****faced the other day because it was easy as hell today. I just slapped a little grip glue and pulled em right on in a matter of seconds. Thanks for all the Tips, see you guys in the desert..... :cry:

im with brandonw hairspray is my choice then some safety wire

i use the air compresser works good

I use tie straps. Take about 8 or so 8" tie straps place the flat side in grip, slide the grip on, pull out the straps.

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