YZ 125-250 airbox and sidepanels on a 426

Can someone that has done this mod post pics or send them to me.


No one has done that mod that I know of. It would look "rigged" if you get my drift. If that is ok with you then I am sure it can be done. IF you want a factor look......that is not the way to go.

What would be the advantage?

Yes... It can be done. I did it to my 01 yz250f. A few others on TT had done it too.

I'll get a pic set up on a link so you can view it.

The airbox and side panels bolt right on. The stock seat can be reused but, you can see the top frame near the gas tank. A yz seat can be used with a little trimming and it fits better and cleans the look up.

I didn't notice any power improvements. It did help with the air filter install/removal. It looks like a yz with a 4-stroke motor. And... you'll have a one of a kind look.

Here's a previous link.



'aremeantroy' did it on his 400/426 a while ago. He posted pic's at the time, it was a very tidy set-up. I have the parts to do it, but I wanted to use a white airbox, and i'm having trouble finding one at a fair price. The advantage is meant to be 1-2lb weight saving, and improved airflow, due to the larger airbox opening. You could probably cut your stock airbox (pic's were recently posted in this forum on how to do this.....) to achieve the same results. :cry:


I sent you pic's of my 01 yz250f with the yz airbox mod.


Thanks JohnB. That is exactly what I was looking for! :cry::cry:

Chris, What year airbox do you have? Personally I don't want white. I do believe that 01' is white.

JohnB, my airbox is (I think, because I got it used) from a '96 -'97 YZ125/250 2 stroke. It is black, and has an extra hole in the bottom of it??? The 'extra' hole is kind of an oval shape, about 2 inches long by half an inch wide. I have no idea why it's there, but it looks to me like it would let in water and dirt, so i'm a little reluctant to use it on my 426. If you have seen 'aremeantroy's pic's, you will see why I like the white airbox. His bike looks very sweet. :cry:

The 250f and 450f air box both have drain hoses for water. The oval hole at the bottom should have a cover. Kinda like a deflector. It'll let water and dirt out if it happens to enter from the top/bottom.


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