Frame Oil Drain Bolt, Falling Out

So, how common is this? I've heard a few accounts, and it happened to my son's bike. Luckily it was witnessed and he stopped immediately, they found the bolt just a few yards back with washer still on it. At a race Saturday another new 05 450 had the drain plug come out and his first warning was the motor seizing. I feel lucky!

This just happened to me last weekend also, but I am not sure than I even tightened it! I was also lucky the oil just starting to come out so I should be ok! :cry:

I've never had it happen. The only reason I can think of is undertightening the bolt, or maybe the copper washer needed to be replaced.

Nevertheless, I think I may safety wire mine.

Torque it down to spec and use blue locktite.

Bonzai :cry:

Properely torqued with a new washer should be enough but the safety wire sounds like a good idea.

this is a nightmare of mine...I take my bike in for oil changes.

A couple of bad turns by a hurried mechanic... stripped thread and a self loosening bolt can be the result.Glad yours is ok.

I'm off to check my oil level

Mine fell out and oiled my rear tire. Not knowing what was happening I jumped a third gear double, the tire spun real hard and the result was; one unwanted whip, a mangled Yoshi slip on, one broken radius, and now I have a plate in my wrist with 3 screws (still not healed, 3 more weeks).

If only the engine seized, I would be lucky. My medical bills are higher than the replacement cost of the engine.

this is a nightmare of mine...I take my bike in for oil changes.

A couple of bad turns by a hurried mechanic... stripped thread and a self loosening bolt can be the result.

As a professional mechanic for 35 years, with 4 Master certifications, I know something about the business. I do as much of my own stuff as possible. So should you. If you need to have something professionally done, and sometimes, depending on your skill level, you should, be certain of the shop that you take it to, from the management down to who sweeps the floor. Ask around.

I don't want to dis any good wrenches out there, but you guys know as well as anyone what I'm talking about if you've been around a while.

Safety wire does the trick.


I do as much of my own stuff as possible. So should you. .

I agree... problem is I'm mechanically retarded... that on top of an owners manual translated(and I use this term loosely)by Japanese... well I have decided to take it to the dealer and hope for the best.When I took my bike in for the first service I overheard the oil changer ask another where to add the oil!!!

I also agree with finding the best mechanic possible but special tools sends me right back to the dealer.

The "Emporor's English" has not improved in over 40 years that I know of. It's even more of a challenge than British service manuals. (If I sent you to the tool box for a "Tubular Box Key" , what would you look for?) Chinese motherboard manuals are actually better. :cry:

However, you show above average internal honesty by admitting your shortcomings before you allow your testosterone to cause unnecessary damage to your machinery. This is wisdom forming, encourage it. But watch out for those oil changers. Unfortunately, many shops will allow the shop bonehead to do the "simple" jobs, when in fact, almost any job done wrong has potential for disasterous results.

spark plug socket?

spark plug socket?

Not bad! Actually, a Tubular Box Key is a socket wrench of any kind.

A 'C' spanner is an open end wrench

A Ring Spanner is a box end

and A Hex Key is an allen wrench

There are a lot more, I just disremember them right now.

Now, is a 1/4" Whitworth wrench larger or smaller than a 3/8" British Standard?


what is the torque specs for both drain plugs, mine is getting fixed now cause i stripped the bottom one. was in a hurry.

14 for the large crankcase drain. 7 for the small one that no one takes out (that I know of) and 17 for the frame. All values in foot pounds.

You should be able to do this job by "feel", without a torque wrench. If you don't have a good feel for a wrench, it's something you need to develop.

Unfortunately, breaking things is one of the things that can happen while you are developing it, but at least remember what you felt as it happened.

I have had more than my share of Motorcycles through the years and have only

had one DRAIN PLUG experiance.....I was working at a bike shop near my home

town and a guy came in and explained he was traveling around the country

and saw our sign and wondered if I could give his bike an oil/ filter change

while he waited? Other than the possibility of burning my hands on the hot oil

I said NO PROBLEM....After the guy paid and left I noticed a couple drops of FRESH OIL on the side walk outside the shop.... :cry: I jumped on a customers bike and charged off down the interstate...I caught up to the old guy maybe

five miles away (me going over a hundred MPH) I had left the DRAIN PLUG

LOOSE.....he thanked me and went on his way......

So you see the only way I can see that a drain plug fell if it didn't get TIGHTENED in the first place......BC

Never had it happen to me. But I did snap the bolt right off. Then I had to use an ez-out to get it out. The bolt is very, very weak. I rec. you replace it with a good stron bolt.

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