XR650R motor needed, or best place to buy...

Ok folks...

I've got several options here and I'm thinking I'll just throw some out there....

- Buy a used (stock) motor from someone with a roached or wrecked bike.

- Buy a new motor, from someone or place that has them for a reasonable cost (if there is a place).

- Buy the parts to make my bike a 680... with other needed replacement parts that have failed.

As soon as I take this thing apart... I'll know more about what I'm going to do about it. I'm not sure what failed on me as of yet, but I have my ideas. I'd just like to get the word out to see about 'options'. If you have any ideas... please let me know.

And no, my bike isn't for sale! :cry:

(yes, I've been asked a bunch already... it's got lots of goodies on it. Just not a "good" motor. :cry: )

Thanks in advance.

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