missing threads???

is it me or did some thread responses seem to vanish? and theres not as many little yellow fellers! :cry:

Yesterday there was a 'All posts made in the next 24-48 hours will be lost' scrolling across the top of every page. I am guessing that porting over the database of posts took some time and they ported thumpertalk's state at the time the message went up.

thanx,i didn't see it. i don't see any advantages to this new format? am i missin' sumthin' ?

I didn't see it either... that is too bad :cry:

I think it might be a bit easier to manage on the back end. Also, once you get use to it, it's better in my opinion. I'm use to forum like Gixxer.com and such and this is pretty standard kinda format. Change is always tough and it's something I see all the time working in software development. Users always are unhappy initially, some people even quit working when new software is implemented. Hopefully it's just the initial shock of something different and this won't swayed you into going elsewhere....sorry to ramble.

So far: No fixed width, upload your avatar, more than a tiny window for posting, OT posts dont count towards your post count, i'm sure there is more...

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