Fork Seals Again

Seems like every muddy ride one of my seals start leaking. Change them every six months and use seal savers. Also clean the seals after every ride. Are there any seals that are better at not leaking? I use factory and some from Rockymountain. Bike is a 400 with 46mm tubes....Thanks


I use a brand called Leak Proof seals. I get them from a local aftermarket parts shop. They work great. I've had one fork seal leak but I just popped it out and cleaned it and it has'nt leaked since. These things are about a 1/8" thick. They have little pockets that fill with oil when the fork compresses that sqeezes them to the fork leg to seal. They are also lifetime guaranteed.

Go to your local Honda dealer, and ask for some for a CR125 (or 250).

They will fit your 46mm forks, and Honda's don't seem to have the weeping problems that us Mullet's do.

I did this the last time I changed my fork seals, and they have lasted much longer than the ones that Yamaha has available.


Check the shims between the inner and outer fork tubes for excess play?,if it`s the same fork each time that is giving trouble then check the coating on the inner fork tube for a small nick(and those shims)or a maybe a slight bend! :cry:

your not alone im sick of changing mine tried honda ones still leaked after 3 hard rides :cry:

Thanks for all the suggestions. I just cleaned them and will replace them at six months. During the dry season their fine, but throw in some mud with a fall or jumps and its leak time. :cry:

your not alone im sick of changing mine tried honda ones still leaked after 3 hard rides

If you are only getting three rides, you have a problem some where. Look on your fork shaft for nicks. You are going through them too quickly, no matter which kind you are putting in. Something other than the seals is wrong.

I had to repalce them several times on my WR426F, had the worst luck with aftermarket seals. Best luck with OE seals. So far, no problems with the WR450F, but i have less then 90 miles on it so far. Time will tell. I have seal savers for it, need to get them installed. :cry:

Seal savers have never let me down. Protects the fork seals in mud every time! Clean under them and replace them every 10th weekend of riding. :cry:

I am in agreement with Hurricane on this one, the Leak Proof brand hasn't failed me yet. My WR450(still has stock seals) is leaking now and I am going to replace them with the Leak Proofs.


Any online place to order leak proof seals? :cry:

Any online place to order leak proof seals? :cry:

I have to order my stuff online, I'm off on Sundays and Mondays, same time all Yamaha dealers are closed in my area. I've used "" and used OE, which is what I've had the best results with. Horrible results with aftermarket. Unless an aftermarket coems out specifically designed to be leak proof, I'd balk. I think the brand X ones I used was K&S.

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