Why would a thread be deleted?

Hi folks,

This weekend I posted a short review of the uncorking I did to my 02 xr650l and thanked the members for their advice. I mentioned that I bought my parts (block off kit, jets, etc.) from local Honda dealer.

I know the board got upgraded but I posted after that was done.

This thread is now missing in action. I'm a newbie, but would the thread be intentionally deleted for suggesting it's ok to buy parts from a dealer? Maybe I'm missing something here. Any ideas? Thanks.

Not 'deleted' intentionally...

Everything within that 24-48 hour period... was not "saved" to the new upgrade version. If you had the new version that you were posting too... then it should be there. However, it wasn't available until late last night I believe.

Go to the old site... and you may see where you were posting. Or it should be gone if it was in the "limbo" time frame... (see off topic for my post about viewing the old site)

Hope that helps.

All posts over the last 2 days were lost in the upgrade, TT had a banner rolling at the top of the screen as a warning. Would your post have been in there?

Robert :cry:

Sorry about that. I lost several posts too.

When making a really long post that I feel is valuable, I tend to write it as an email and save it off. Then I copy and post it here.

After making a couple long write ups and having the internet crash on me, I save locally first.

I replied to your comments, but that went off the track with your thread...You mentioned finding a diagram or something on TT that helped you identify some parts or hoses when you desmogged. Do you have a link? I couldn't find anything other than the verbal instructions on drilling and shimming that XRDav sent me.

Thanks. :cry:

Thanks for the explanation folks. I was wondering about the upgrade. Nice job too.

Craft, I will search for that link with the carb diagram when i get a minute. If you have the service manual, it shows the vacuum hoses and the vent/drain hoses so you can figure out which ones to leave connected and which ones are part of the desmog function (disconnect).

I left the float bowl drain hose (very bottom of carb) and the vent on the right side connected (49 state model). I plugged the front, right nipple and nipple on the little doo-dad (diaphram?) on the right side too. Musta got it right cause no problems running or popping. Use some of the old hose from desmog plumbing removal to go from crankcase vent to bottom hole at front, left side of airbox. Plug top hole here with large plug from kit. :cry:

Thanks for the info and if you find that link, let me know. I tried but must not be using the right buzz word. I'll have the manual by this weekend and then I'll give it a shot...Thanks again.

I hate change :cry::cry::cry:

Thanks Max_Aus...that's exactly what I need. Muchas gracias. :cry:

Desmogged it last night and it was easy, especially with the link to those photos. Thanks again Max_Aus. :cry:

It seemed to start a little easier, definitely puffed out a bit more smoke (when first started) than I remember without the charcoal to soak it up, and I think the low-end throttle response was a tad better...Plan on doing the slide this weekend. Looking forward to the benes. :cry:

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