Factory Connection or Race Tech for 04 yz450

Hello, I am a novice rider with motocross although I have trail rode for 15 years.

I have recently have gone on hormone therapy amping up my testosterone levels by triple.

One of the side affects of having a lot of testosterone is purchasing a yz450 and hitting the local tracks.

My wife thinks I am nuts (no pun intended) because its not the most responsible thing at my age of 39, supporting a family ect..ect.. and its not if you get hurt it is when Yada yada yada.

Enough about me here is my question.

I was at the track and a local rider let me ride his stock 05 Honda 450, I was quite happy with my suspension until I rode the Honda, its suspension was very impressive, plush but yet can take a flat land with ease.

Now I am not a trader, I just couldn’t believe that its suspension was so incredible (I will never own a Honda because when I was a kid it seemed like all the spoiled rich kids had them, stupid reason I know, but it’s a reason) anyway I didn’t realize the fun that I have been missing out on with my YZ.

I want to find a tuner that eats, drinks, and sleeps with the Yamaha, because I want the best that my suspension can offer.

In my research it seem like the tuners focused on the Honda, they say they love Yamaha but they sponsor Honda so this tells me they don’t have as much tuner time with the Yamaha.

I want to hear your success stories with tuners, who would you, recommend specifically for the 04 yz450.

I am 6’2’’ 200 pounds, I was quoted $650.00 Factory connection w/springs

If I just changed the springs without revalve would this work well?

Thank you in advance for your answers

COMP ONE you wont pay big bucks but you will have the best work money can buy

kevin 831-345-6152 :cry:

I really like Enzo. Both my bikes were done by them, and they always answer the phone.

I had Factory Connection do my 03 YZ450 and was very happy. Most shim shufflers get about that much for a revalve. My problem before the revalve was that I was to heavy for the springs and would bottom the bike badly.

If money is a problem just get the heavier springs and play with the clickers. Usually you increase rebound and decrease compression dampening with heavier springs.

I want to find a tuner that eats, drinks, and sleeps with the Yamaha

Ross Maeda, ENZO, factory Yamaha suspension tech for many, many moons. Very cool guy, they did my 04 YZ450f. I am 5'11, 210lbs and I would say my bike handles better than anything out there because it is custom valved and sprung for me. If you want to do it right go with the subtanks too. Without subtanks your looking at around $650 with subtanks about a G. Worth every penny especially if you plan on racing some.

Tell the wife it will keep you safe when over jump that 90 foot table and land out in the flat. :cry:

Go with ENZO if you really think that you need suspension work. I suggest that you start with a fresh oil change. Set the SAG. Set the front and rear comp and rebound per the standard settings, WRITE down these setting and go ride a track that you is familiar. Now that you have a base setting, start to make adjustments in 1-2 clicks, write down the changes and ride the bike. Do not make changes to the forks and shock at the same time. Do not be afraid to try setting on the extremes so that you can feel the changes. You will probably spend many hours or maybe even a day or two making the changes. If you just have to make suspension changes, buy the subtanks before you have valving done.

Enzo is the Yamaha Guru, Go with the Too Tech sub tanks they are half the money won't fill up with oil every moto and arguably work better because of the check valve in the flow control device. (forks wont pack) for 200 bucks its the best bang for the buck.

If you like to DIY try this out. First, get the next heavier fork springs. Shock may be fine, mine is stock on my 02 426. While you have the springs replace the oil wiht a quality 5w fork oil. Follow the manual to set it to the proper height. This in itself will increase the plushness on the small trash. Then after some riding, if you feel it is bottoming had, add some oil to the forks. You can do this at the track via the bleed valve if you have a siringe that will fit. I ended up with 12cc more than stock. I have the clickers on compression 4 out from stock, rebound it stock. I barely notice the small stuff and the last few times I was out, I over jumps some stuff pretty badly and it handled that very well indeed.

My bud has a 03 YZ450F that was revalved by a local guy that knows his stuff and I will say that I like mine better.

Give it a shot, if you are not happy with it, you needed the heavier springs anyway and you can send it off to be revalved.

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