Riding along Oregon Coast?

The wife & I are going to spend 4-5 days driving down the Oregon coast from Lincoln City to our home in Santa Rosa, CA. We are picking up our '00 Patio Hauler 351F from my parents in Vancouver, WA - thought I had the retired parents talked into towing the trailer down but the wife nixed that idea.

Is there any good riding along the way other than the sand dunes? Both our bikes are dual sported.

The only thing I know I really want to do along the way is the jet boat ride up the Rogue river. Any ohter non-riding suggestions? How 'bout favorite campgrounds?


Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, Just outside of Crescent City, CA. On Hwy 199 just off Hwy 101 at the CA/OR border on the coast. Campsite #80 I believe was the best. No riding, but it is one of the most beautiful places on earth IMHO.

Wish I was goin back.

Brian when you going? I will be going to Idaho(rexbrug) on the 26th july, why don;t you cross over WA, and hook up with us.


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